The Truth About Emotional Eating

Discover the Latest Techniques to Overcome Common Triggers

In truth, emotional eating can be a habit that is triggered by your daily routines or it can be something that is the result of your day-to-day life. Join me for my upcoming workshop THE TRUTH ABOUT EMOTIONAL EATING. I’ll be sharing strategies that will help you identify if this is you and how you can implement simple strategies to gain control.

In This 60-Minute Workshop You’ll Discover:

  • What emotional eating is and how you can easily identify the most common causes
  • The most common triggers that lead to emotional eating and how you can diagnose them in the moment
  • How to recognize the deeper causes that lead someone to becoming an emotional eater
  • The key to mindful and intentional eating so you no longer eat emotionally
  • The simplest solutions for overcoming emotional eating quickly and easily

The Cost for Each Workshop is $75.00What to join these workshops for free? Ask me how! Please contact me for more information.